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Explosions in the Sky - Your Hand In Mine
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Explosions In The Sky // Your Hand In Mine

Elliott Smith - No Name #1
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Elliott Smith - No Name #1

Bas3008 - XP Startup Theme
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Anyone who hasn’t heard this needs to.

Such are the perverse rewards we reap when we permit tech culture to become our culture. The profits and power flow to the platform owners and their political sponsors. We get the surveillance, the data mining, the soaring inequality, and the canned pep talks from bosses who have been upsold on analytics software. Without Gchat, Twitter, and Facebook—the great release valves of workaday ennui—the roofs of metropolitan skyscrapers would surely be filled with pallid young faces, wondering about the quickest way down.
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OutKast - Stankonia [Stanklove]
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Alphonse Mucha - Solitude
Sparklehorse - Sad & Beautiful World
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